Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chief's Beach, Lake Michigan

Hardly a unique composition, I know - Adirondack chairs on the beach - but these happened to be in front of Chief's (Bill Church's dad) lakeside home in northern Michigan. During the last Garfield family reunion (2008), we were also able to visit Chief and the Church family, since the reunion spot was right next to Chief's home. This spot has an extra special memory for us - it was here Mike and Kathryn let us know young Asa was on the way!
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  1. I love to see what you are working on - the Needles were great and remind me of my art lesson on the beach - a lovely memory. But I'm a sucker for chairs on the beach - I just wish I had some wall space! Your work is not only pleasing to the eye - it also evokes emotion for me. Keep on in the Garfield tradition of great art! Love you, Jill