Monday, March 5, 2012

Arts and Travels Exhibit


February 29, 2012 – Join us for the Arts and Travels exhibit at the Third Street Gallery. The show runs through March 23, 2012.
The exhibit showcases works from travel destinations (both near and far). 
Artists participating are: Dana Aldis, Nancy Attebury, Matthew Brehm, Kathleen Burns, Ron Carver, Nancy Chaney, Yolanda Cheng, Doug Davidson, John Farbo, Betty Jo Fitzgerald, Tom Garfield, Lynne Guillot, Lynne Haagensen, Monica Hulubei, Donald Johnson, Flip Kleffner, Linda Lowry, Rene Mattoon, Greg Meyer, Skip Phillips, Pauline Sameshima, Byron Saneholtz, DJ Scallorn, Tom Scallorn, Andy Sewell, John Snyder, Craig Whitcomb, Jane Winters, and Ryan Zimmer.
Meet the Arts and Travels featured Artist of the Week: Tom Garfield. Tom’s work titled “Haystack At Twilight (Cannon Beach, Oregon)” is a piece that is Tom’s favorite seaside spot, Cannon Beach.
 “Long before planes crossed the world, ships were necessary to travel great distances and to see foreign places. Having spent several years aboard a ship in the US Navy, I was privileged to see some of those lands and going there by ship made it all the more delightful,” says Tom.
Tom’s works  titled: “Bristol Harbor (Bristol, England)”, “Haystack At Twilight (Cannon Beach, Oregon)”, and “Toronto Harbor (Toronto, Ontario)” can be seen at the Third Street Gallery Exhibit Arts and Travels at Moscow City Hall.
Pictured above: Tom Garfield, “Haystack At Twilight (Cannon Beach, Oregon)”, Pastel
Third Street Gallery is located at 206 E. Third Street, Moscow ID hours are M-F 8-5 pm.
 For more information:
Artwork Featured on Card Front (left to right, top to bottom):
Linda Lowry, “Bellagio”, Photograph
Byron Sanholtz, “Grand Canyon Symphony”, Pastel
Andy Sewell, “Baja Morning Market”, Photograph
Story Contact: DJ Scallorn
Phone: 208.883.7036

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