Monday, September 6, 2010

Ann Young On the Hard

My favorite (if only) daughter-in-law, Naphtali, commissioned me to paint her grandfather's boat, based on an old b/w photo she had. It was a bit of a challenge, not only having to come up with the coloring, but the stupid paper decided to buckle to beat the band! I re-wet the whole thing (a bit dicey when you've already started painting), re-taped it down and, lo and behold, it flattened out again. Thank God for small blessings. Naphtali seems to like it and explained to me that the Ann Young (the white/red boat) was on an English beach, and when the tide goes out, the boats are left 'on the hard' ground. (That gull on the mast was actually there - not one of my tweeks!)
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