Monday, August 31, 2009


This needs some explanation, I believe. You can't see the date when this was done, but it was around 1978 or so. (!) Julie and I were newly-married. I was in art at the UI, and The Sting was a relatively recent movie. My folks even had the album for it. I saw it, thought, Hey, what if I put Julie and I into it - we'd look much better than Redford and Newman! Translated: It seemed like a good idea at the time! Kathryn likes it and convinced me to put it on here. So...blame her.
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  1. Tom, I am amazed at your artistic talent even though I'd seen some of your stuff while visiting. Where were you hiding all this incredible work of art?? :-) Absolutely fantastic work that should be marketed more heavily. I'm with Kathryn on this one. You and guessing who the characters are. We LOVE your stuff. You have a gift for capturing a particular 'feel' in your paintings that draw folks in. THANK YOU for sharing these with all of us!